EB-3 Visa for Skilled Workers (EB-3B)

Non-Immigrant Visa

Immigrants seeking an EB-3 visa for skilled workers do not require an educational degree, but must instead have at least two years of job experience or the appropriate training for the job.

Immigrants with an EB-3B visa are allowed to bring spouses (E-34 visa) and their children under the age of 21 (E-35 visa) to live with them in the United States.

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EB-3B Guidelines

Skilled workers applying for an EB-3 visa must have a permanent, full-time job offer that requires at least two years of job experience or training. The job must be for work in which qualified workers are not available in the U. S. EB-3 visas for skilled workers also require PERM labor certification.

Your employer must file form I-140.  They must also demonstrate that they can pay the offered wage as of your visa priority date.  For businesses, an annual report, federal income tax return, or audited financial statement may be used to demonstrate an ability to pay the offered wage.

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