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Non-Immigrant Visa

Non-immigrant visas, also known as temporary visas, are often considered a first step to receiving a green card.  Non-immigrant visas allow entry into the United States and allow their holders to work legally for several years.  During those years, temporary visa holders can seek a green card.  The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth can help you determine which temporary visa is best for your skills and situation.

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Types of Temporary Visas

For non-immigrants with a job offer in the United States who either do not have plans to live in the country permanently or who are on a waiting list for permanent residency, a temporary visa may suit your needs.  The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth can help you determine the best available path to working legally in the United States.  From your initial consultation until the end of your case,

Our non-immigrant visa services include several types of visas.

E-1 visa for treaty traders

E-1 visas are available to foreign nationals involved in trade with the United States if they are from countries with a commerce treaty with the United States.

E-2 visa for treaty investors

E-2 visas are similar to E-1 visas, but instead of traders, the E-2 is for investors and entrepreneurs.

F-1 visa for foreign students

Also known as the Student Visa, the F-1 allows foreign nationals to attend educational institutions in the United States.

H-1B visa for specialized occupation workers

The H-1B visa allows businesses to hire foreign workers for positions requiring at least a Bachelor’s degree.

H-2A visa for agricultural workers

Businesses seeking temporary or seasonal agricultural hires can sponsor foreign workers for the H-2A visa.

H-2B visa for non-agricultural workers

Similar to the H-2A visa, but for non-agricultural temporary or seasonal workers.

L-1 visa for executive managers

The L-1 visa is available to managers, executives, or specialized employees being transferred to affiliated companies in the United States.

O-1 visa for persons of extraordinary ability

The O-1 visa allows foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities in one of several disciplines, and their essential support staff, to work in their area of expertise in the U.S.

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