SUCCESS STORIES: Client obtains work permit, Social Security card and driver’s license!

Client “JR” was brought into the U.S. as an infant (without documentation) and has attended school in the U.S. for the last 16 years.  He is a star soccer player at his High School and worried that he would not be able to apply for college because of his undocumented status.  Thanks to our team at Liga Legal, he obtained a work permit, social security number, and driver’s license!  He can now focus on his favorite sport and college applications.  If you know anyone who might benefit from DACA, contact us today at 1-800-500-1102!  See our past blog on the requirements here: [ please find past blog on DACA & renewals]

Client “DM” is a green card holder who was pulled over at an Immigration Checkpoint.  Officers discovered an older crime on his record.  He was detained by deportation officers and threatened with deportation.  Liga Legal stepped in to stop deportation officers from proceeding by defending him based on rehabilitation and other positive factors.  Attorney Yesenia Acosta, personally drove to El Centro to help DM recover his green card without going to court!  If you or anyone you know is facing deportation or was detained by Immigration Officers, call our attorneys immediately at 1-800-500-1102.
Client “MO” came into our offices seeking a U visa as the victim of the crime of domestic violence.  She reported the crime to police, but she refused to press charges against her spouse and thought she would be disqualified from a U visa which requires that the victim help in the prosecution.  Liga Legal successfully argued on her behalf and obtained the required certification signed by detectives!