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Adjustment of Status

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An individual seeking to change his or hers immigration status from temporary to permanent while living in the United States may do so through the process known as “adjustment of status”. This is the process in which an eligible individual who currently resides in the United States can obtain a green card without having to return to their home country to complete visa processing.

Determining eligibility for adjustment of status may be a difficult task for individuals who are not familiar with immigration law. Our immigration law firm can help you make the right decisions that will lead to your successful petition. Contact us Toll FREE at 1-888-517-9888 to discuss in more detail the steps outlined below for adjustment of status:

Steps for Adjustment of Status

  1. Determine your eligibility.
  2. File the Immigrant Petition.
  3. Check Visa Availability
  4. File Form I-485
  5. Get Fingerprinted
  6. Interview (if applicable)
  7. Get decision through the mail

Immigration Lawyers on your side

As you can see, there are many steps that need to be taken for an adjustment of status. The immigration lawyers from The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth will be with you each step of the way. We will start by determining your eligibility and see you through all the steps until you receive a decision.

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