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EB-3 Skilled Workers & Professionals

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The EB-3 for professionals and skilled workers eligibility requirements are less stringent than other visas so there exists a long backlog of applicants. Our immigration lawyers can work with you to ensure that your application process goes smoothly without any delays.

EB-3 for Skilled Workers

Skilled workers require a minimum of 2 years training or work experience. Labor certification (PERM) and a permanent, full time job offer is also required.

EB-3 for Professionals

Professionals must possess a U.S. baccalaureate degree or foreign degree equivalent. Education and experience may not be substituted for a baccalaureate degree. Labor certification (PERM) and a permanent, full time job offer is also required.

EB-3 for Unskilled Workers

Persons performing labor requiring less than 2 years training or experience that is not of a temporary or seasonal nature. Labor certification (PERM) and permanent, full time job offer is required.

EB-3 Visa Application Process

Form I-140 must be filed by your employer. Your employer must also be able to demonstrate that they are able to pay the offered wage as of your visa priority date. An annual report, federal income tax return, or audited financial statement may bee used to demonstrate an ability to pay your wage.

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