32nd Asian American Expo 2013

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The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth was present at this year’s Asian American Expo held at the Pomona Fairplex in Pomona California on January 19th and the 20th of 2013. This is the 32nd year of the Asian American Expo and it features more than 800 booths in four large exhibition halls showcasing services in financial, insurance, medical, health, foods, telecommunications, banking and much more.

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Our Law firm was a featured sponsor at this year’s Asian American Expo. We provided attendees with information regarding personal injury, workers compensation claims, social security disability insurance and immigration. Attendees who stopped by our booth were greeted by our professional staff of legal experts who came out in full force over the course of the weekend to show their commitment to providing the best legal service to our community.

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Standing from left to right as captured in the picture above is Immigration expert Tina Xie, Office Manager Tammy Wong, Firm Founder Scott Warmuth, and Social Security Disability Insurance expert Maurice Lin. Never shying away from the camera light, Scott, Tammy, Tina and Maurice took center stage to field questions from reporters who were there to cover the event. More importantly our four brave representatives wanted to show that our law firm is always available to anyone who seeks legal advice and representation. We believe in empowering people in our community with all the information available so that they can make a well informed decision on legal matters that directly affect them.

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This year’s Asian American Expo was a great success. Everyone from the law firm had a great time meeting and greeting all the guests who stopped by our booth. From all the services that were showcased at the Expo, we were proud to have been there to provide solid and professional legal advice to those people who attended the weekend long event. Our main goal at the Expo was to reinforce our strong presence as a highly regarded and respected law firm that has helped countless individuals resolve legal matters for well over 25 years.

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